Ustad Banne Nawab's Profile

USTAD BANNE NAWAB’S is a Connoisseur of various ethnic gourmet cuisines. There was a vacuum of gourmet cuisines in the world of packaged Ready to Cook Spice Blends. Since he had Unique, Age old, Traditional Gourmet recipes, he decided to fill that vacuum. USTAD BANNE NAWAB’S is striving to bring these delicacies within reach of every lover of gourmet cuisines, wherever they might be in the world through Ready to Cook Spice Blends (Masalas).

All Banne Nawab’s preparations go through rigorous and stringent quality control checks to meet the benchmarks he has set for himself which in fact conforms to the international standards of quality, hygiene, convenience and taste.

Up till now it was not possible to make delicacies of these kind and quality at homes or even at restaurants, but thanks to USTAD BANNE NAWAB’S, they all can be prepared right in your kitchen now .


  • Welcome to the treasure house of ethnic gourmet cuisine at its best in the form of "Recipe Based", "Just Mix and Cook" spice blends for gourmet Hyderabadi, Mughlai, Indo-Chinese, American, Peshawari, Vegetarian and other gourmet cuisines.
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About Company

  • Charminar  Foods & Exports (Pvt) Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2003 as per the Indian Companies Act, 1956 at Hyderabad, India. It has developed revolutionary Ready to cook Spice Mixes, based on various ethnic  gourmet dishes...
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Hyderabadi Cuisine

  • Connoisseurs of food all over the world have had a special corner for Hyderabadi and Mughlai food. In Hyderabad's 400 year history the Hyderabadi cuisine has, like its culture, stood high and unmatched by any other place...
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